Projects & references

Some projects

EXDCI/ EXDCI-2 is a coordination action aimed at supporting the activities of the high performance computing ecosystem in mapping, strategy development and performance monitoring, as well as building and maintaining relationships with other HPC international activities and regions, or with other communities (Big Data, IoT, IA); Through its involvement in networks and working groups such as the BDEC project.

AQMO is a project co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) which consists of setting up a solution for measuring and analysing the air quality of the city of Rennes by mobile sensors, performing digital HPC simulations, while making data available to citizens.

PHIDIAS is a project that develops and implements prototypes for the exploitation of space and environmental data from Earth Sciences based on intensive computing capabilities (HPC). This project will develop data sets that will be added to the EOSC catalogues. Phidias, officially started in November 2019, will continue until 2022.

Neovia Innovation accompanies m3connect, German SMEs specialising in digital communication networks and remote management environment design. This partnership includes its business development and technology development strategy, which involves the development of national and European R&D projects.

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